Hosptality Update 19/07/2021

Hosptality Update 19/07/2021

21 Jul 2021

Following today’s relaxation of the current Covid rules and regulations for hospitality we wish to update you on how the clubhouse and bar will operate moving forward from 19/07/2021.


In essence we will not be changing too much as at present, with infection rates rising our priority is to do everything we can to keep you and our staff safe.


From 19/07/2021 the following will be in place within the clubhouse;


Track and Trace;


There is now no longer a legal requirement on us to take your details but we encourage you to continue scanning the NHS QR code on entry.


Face Coverings;


We request that face coverings are continued to be used while moving around inside the clubhouse and MUST be used when ordering at the bar, unless exempted, this will help protect you and our staff during close contact between persons.


Bar Service;


You will be able to order from the bar should wish to but we encourage you to order through our table ordering app for drinks collection at a designated point. We may also close bar service if and when required to operate safely. The app will be available at all times for ordering.


At present we have decided not to allow sitting or standing at the bar, this again protects you and our staff from close contact.


Social Distancing;


We continue to encourage distancing and our table set up will be to encourage this.


We know that there are different opinions on the latest government announcements, Please respect our guidelines, we are committed to looking after you and our staff, and although we are continuing with some guidelines, it is great step forward that we can allow our staff to concentrate on serving you a cold beer without having to be mindful of policing so many restrictions.


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