Frome Cricket Club was formed in 1925 and has always played at its current home on the old showfield, Rodden Road, Frome. Prior to 1925 cricket had been played on the site by Holy Trinity church who played matches against other churches and teams in and around the Frome district. The ground the old showfield takes it's name from the fact that the cricket ground and outfield was transformed into the main cattle and showjumping ring for the Frome Cheese show every September, which included a water jump being dug on the outfield!, followed by remedial work over the winter to get it cricket ready again!. This continued up until the turn of the century when the show was moved out of town to a bigger site.

In 1973 Frome were one of the driving force clubs under captain Brian Stockhill in the formation of the Somerset Cricket League taking the club from playing 'competitive' friendly cricket into a league structure, many of the fixtures remained constant but added more further afield fixtures accross the county. In the early 1990's the club again was involved in forming the Alliance league in and around the Bristol and North Somerset area before the inception of the England and Wales Cricket Board Premier League Structure which continues today.